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Hello, we're the


Written by James Glover and illustrated by Vicki Batt


Hello, It’s so good to meet you! We’re Dante, Dede, Harley, Lily Poo and Phoebe, and together we are the Camberdoodles. 


We hope you enjoy reading all about us. Some would say our stories are where fiction meets fact, but we wouldn’t know anything about that! What we can say is the doodles featured in our stories are real doodles we love and know very well. You’ll find out more about all of us in our Hi from Us section. 


If you have a doodle of your own, or even if you don’t, we hope you’ll want to subscribe to our stories. All you have to do is type your email in the box below, then click the link and we’ll do the rest. 


If you’re not quite sure what a doodle is, we’ll explain. A doodle is a furry dog, that has at least one parent who is a Poodle. It’s common for the Daddy to be the Poodle, but there are no strict rules. We get our individual breed names from a blend of both parents. So if your Mummy was a Cocker Spaniel and your Daddy a Poodle, then you are a Cockapoo. But if your Mummy was a Labrador and your Daddy a Poodle, then you are a Labradoodle. Other common doodles include Cavapoos, Poochons, Sproodles, Jackapoos, and even Bernadoodles.

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