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What makes our stories unique is that every character is based on a doodle we know and love. Sadly we can’t say the same for the humans or furless two legs, they are all completely fictional. 


Dante and DeDe live with the stories creator, James and his husband Frank, while Lily-Poo, Harley and Phoebe live with their doodle families nearby. Dante & DeDe met the others while playing on the beach, and over time they all became firm friends. 


They wanted to give their little gang a name, so as they were doodles and met at Camber, it made sense to become  “The Camberdoodles”. 


Read more about the real doodles behind the characters here!


Hello I’m Dante and everyone says I’m a very handsome boy. Some would also say I’m pretty full-on because I have too much energy. Sitting down and being quiet have never been my thing.


I was born in Suffolk, my Mummy is called Izzy and my Dad Elmo. Izzy is a working Cocker Spaniel and Elmo a toy poodle. I’ve inherited my curly hair from my Dad, and my spaniel looks from my Mum. 


I don’t remember anything about my time with them, but I am told they loved each other and brought us up well. 


My earliest memories are when we lived in London. I loved the double decker bus and the underground train. I used to sit on Daddy’s lap and let everyone say what a gorgeous puppy. I had my first off-lead walk in Kensington Gardens and I remember how scary it was. I enjoyed going to the country to visit Granny and Grandpa who used to spoil me with lots of table top treats when the Daddies weren’t looking. Then one day everything changed and we moved to the seaside.


My favourite place is the beach at Camber and my favourite toy is my bestest ballie. Life is perfect when I am on the beach with my bestest ballie. I love to doodle dash with my friends, as long as they don’t want to take my ballie. 


Even on the coldest days I like paddling in the sea. I’ve only got short legs and I’m scared to swim, but on a windy day I’m happy for the waves to splash over me. 


I was pleased when DeDe came to live with us, she is such a gentle girl and I love her very much. I try to be a good boy, but it’s difficult when I get over-excited. I love to meet new furless two legs, and jump up all over them, but some say this is not socially acceptable. DeDe is trying to teach me to be calmer, but it’s taking me a long time to learn. 


I am not very good at being patient. I never understand why I have to wait when I could be doing it now! Why would you want to postpone anything when you can have fun right now? 


I am afraid of the vacuum cleaner and doors that aren’t completely open. I bark at big black dogs, but that’s because one hurt my back leg when I was a puppy. Otherwise I embrace everything else in the world with excitement and fun. I think the world is a wonderful place and I am very happy in it. 


At the end of the day I always sleep soundly, but some would say noisily too. I’m told I bark and growl when I’m sleeping, but I’m not too sure about that! 

Dante 2.jpeg
Dante 1.jpeg


Hello I am DeDe and I am about six years old. I say about six, because nobody ever told me what day or year I was born. 


My earlier life was not very nice, I lived in a barn with lots of other noisy dogs and we were made to have puppies all the time. 


One day I was taken away by a nice lady to meet the lovely people from Doodleaid ( They looked after me and made me feel much better about myself. 


The people at Doodleaid knew that Dante was looking for a sister and thought I might like to live with him. We met for a week’s holiday in Suffolk to see if we got along. 



By the end of the week, Dante said he liked me and was keen I should come and live with him. Although I was pleased to have a forever home, I wasn’t used to doodles following me around all the time, but looking back I realise he was just trying to be friendly. 


At that time I didn’t know about having friends, I preferred being alone in a quiet corner, it took me a while to get used to him always being so busy. Even now he can be a little full on, but don’t tell him I said so! 


During our Suffolk holiday Dante told me all about Camber and what a happy place it was. I remember going to the beach for the very first time. I couldn’t believe how big it was, so I kept close to the furless two legs as it was too much to take in. Now of course, I dash along the dunes and play with my friends, but then it was all very new to me. 


I’m really pleased Dante let me come to live with him as I am so happy now and enjoy my life with him and our furless two legs. Who would have known it was fun to chase squirrels in the woods or lie on the lawn in the sun? I’d never done these things before, but now they are two of my favourite things.


There’s one last thing I must tell you. I do have a birthday now, it’s 3rd March, and I’m told it happens every year. I have had two birthdays since I came to live with Dante and we’ve had cake and balloons both times. Why March 3? Well, it was decided I should share the furless two leg’s Grandma’s birthday, that way nobody would ever forget it! 

Dede 1.jpeg
Dede 2.jpeg


Hello I am Harley, as you can see from my harness! I’ve just had my birthday and I was 3 years old. I had presents and cake and a whole day of fun. 


My furless two legs were home the whole day, something called lockdown they told me. I think lockdown was the best present I could have possibly been given. 



I love digging holes in the  sand and running along the beach after a ball. I can always smell when we’re getting near the beach and even before we get to the car park I can’t wait to be let out to run off onto the beach.  


I will do anything for a bit of cheese, and I won’t ever let the furless two legs eat cheese on their own. There always has to be a piece for me. I can recognise the sound of the wrapper coming out of the fridge, even if I’m at the bottom of the garden! 


I’m a pretty busy chap all day, so by evening I am exhausted and love to spend time on the sofa in the conservatory. I always sleep best, lying on my back with all four paws in the air. The furless two legs sometimes say it can’t be comfortable, but I know it’s the best. 


I always know it’s morning when I smell the toast, and along with cheese it’s one of my favourite things. As soon as it’s ready I’m in the kitchen waiting for my share. After toast the day can begin and hopefully we can get ready to go to the beach.

Harley 2.jpeg
Harley 1.jpeg


Hello I’m Lily-Poo and, like Harley, I’m 3 years old, although we are not related or anything like that! 


When I was born I was a lovely chocolate brown colour, but now I’m a very subtle shade of grey brown, which I think suits me perfectly as I mature. 


I have nine brothers and sisters, so we get lots of birthdays cards before our big day. 


When I’m at home I like to steel pesky children’s toys, shoes, socks and most of all their food! Pesky children are better than furless two legs at dropping food on the ground. So I make sure I am sitting in the right place while they tuck in. 


Unlike some of the other Camberdoodles I prefer to paddle rather than swim. I’m always happy strolling along the shore with the gentle waves lapping at my paws. I run away if the waves come crashing in.


I love all my food, but my favourite is sosij, but if there is no sosji I am very partial to chicken, liver, cheese and anything vaguely belonging to my furless two legs brothers or Mummy. 


When I’m in the garden or on a walk I love to play with my ballie or a stick. If we are somewhere really nice with grass and foxy poo or even better horsey poo, I will roll in that too. If I find a puddle I will jump in it and get my legs all dirty. 


At night time I sleep on my furless two legs Mummy’s giant doodle bed and sleep the whole night through. 


I do have things I don’t like, such as  hats, helmets, dark reflective glasses and hoodies. 


Now, don’t tell anyone else I told you this, but I don’t live in Chislehurst as the stories say, I do live near in a place called Eltham. 


Sometimes I visit my Nana and Tom, I wonder if they live in Chislehurst?


Lily Poo 1.jpeg
Lily Poo 2.jpeg


Hello I’m Phoebe and I’m often called a mischievous little pickle, whatever that means. 


I like to know everything that is going on in our house, and I get barky if I’m left out of whatever is happening. 


My furless two legs say I’m like a toddler because I am always getting under their feet. But in fact I am just trying to help them with their chores. 


Given the choice I would rather be outside chasing rabbits, squirrels, birds or anything that moves really. I don’t want to hurt them, I just like  to make them jump and move really fast.


I can’t walk past a muddy puddle or a little bit of foxy poo. I know I smell so much sweeter after covering myself in these smells. I can’t understand why the furless two legs always put me in the bath and wash my lovely smells away. I don’t ever lick their perfume off!


Luckily we have a large garden at our house, so I have lots of opportunity to help with the gardening and get mucky all at the same time.  


I take my neighbourhood watch duties very seriously, and if anyone comes along the footpath or dares to go into the paddock I make sure everyone hears my bark and is alerted to the intruder. 


This is a full time job and very tiring. When I do get time to relax I like nothing more than dozing on a deck chair in the warm sun. Of course I keep one eye open, so I don’t miss anything!

Phoebe 4.jpeg
Phoebe 2.jpeg



Hello, my name is Bojangles, or Jangles for short.  I am a three year old chocolate cockapoo with a white goatee beard and white patch on my chest. Everyone comments on my beautiful eyes. I was one of six puppies, with all the others being apricot in colour so from day one I knew how to stand out from the crowd. 


I have a zest for life and can always be found in the middle of the fun and games. When the CamberDoodles get together I am usually one of the first ones to lead the charge out to sea for a swim.  Camber is my favourite place and I love nothing more than beach zoomies and doodle dashing with my friends. I am a very sociable doodle and make it my business to meet and greet everyone on the beach. I’ve even been known to help myself to sandwiches out of unattended picnics. 


I am the only doodle in our family but I have a brother Troy who is a big black and white horse with a hairy moustache. 


When at home I take my neighbourhood watch duties very seriously and like to keep watch out of the window half way up the stairs. From there I can often see pesky squirrels and cats and shout at them to stay out of my garden. 


I like to eat vegetables with my dinner, usually carrots or broccoli, which mum says helps me see in the dark and keep my coat curly. Sausage and chicken are big favourites of mine, but the best thing EVER is Wintons Liver Cake and I can always sniff it out, even on a busy beach I can tell exactly where it is. 


I am a destroyer of toys so my teddies never last very long, usually ten minutes or so as I like to pull out the stuffing, but I am very careful with my bestest ballies which I like to roll under the sofa over and over and make the furless two legs retrieve them for me. It’s a great game and amuses them no end!


At the end of a busy day doodling I am very chilled and like to snuggle up for a cuddle and a snooze in front of the fire.



Hello, my name is Bella. I was born near Ashford and I will be 3 in June. 


My family came to visit lots before they took me home. They think they chose me, but what they don’t realise is I chose them by climbing all over them each time they visited.


I’m a quiet Cavapoo, I’m very affectionate & love cuddles with my family.  


I love my toy dinosaur and my frisbee but my most favourite thing is my tennis ball. I just love to play ball in the field, on the beach or anywhere in fact. I’m really good at retrieving the ball, so that someone throws again for me.  


I go on long walks every day and have lots of play dates with doodles on the beach.


Recently I’ve been practising my swimming and I think I am getting much faster. The other day I jumped into a stream and I swam for longer than I ever have before. 


When I am indoors I love sitting on a blanket on the back of the armchair or in my bed. 


As I get older my confidence has grown and I now take my neighbourhood watch duties very seriously. If birds come into our garden I will bark loudly until they go away. Don’t you think it’s naughty of them to come in uninvited?

Bella 1.jpeg
Bella 2.jpeg


My name is (naughty or nutty) Nellie. I have just turned two and I was born in Suffolk.


I live with Mummy, Daddy and two big human (well teenage) sisters. I also have an older brother who has four legs and fur but he is very annoying so I chase him a LOT. His name is Toffee and I’m told he’s a cat. 


I had a bad experience with some other doggies when I was a puppy so now I am very nervous of other dogs when I have the pesky lead on. This makes me sad as when I’m off the lead playing with my Camber chums, I have the bestest time ever!  


Apparently I “steal” things from around the house and chew them - remote controls, food from the fridge, anything my brother knocks off the counter (once it was Mummy’s credit card, I think Daddy was happy about that) - I think it’s just a fun game as everyone chases after me yelling and I usually get a treat if I give it up! It’s such fun! 


Sometimes when I’m out walking I decide that my legs don’t want to work so I crawl along on my tummy, commando style. Lots of people laugh, Mummy says I’m embarrassing.


I love cuddles and attention and if Mummy is talking to somebody else or on her pesky phone, I will nudge her, give a little growl or even bark! If she’s on her laptop I will use my paw to close it. What is more important than giving me a belly rub? 

Whenever I get out of bed after a snooze or when somebody comes into the house, I run around until I find a gift for them, usually an old stinky chew, my favourite blankie or even the bed. 


I’m on my bestest behaviour if cheese or chicken are involved.


I’m scared of sudden noises, curtains, umbrellas, anything new (apart from people - I luffs them!), paddling pools, wind in the trees, being groomed  - most things really! I’m definitely a nervous Nellie!

Nellie 1-23.jpg
Nellie 2-25.jpg


Hi I’m Lily and I’m a 3 year old miniature Goldendoodle. My mum is a golden retriever and my dad is a miniature poodle called Eric and he lives in Essex. 


I’ve only seen photos of him but there’s no denying “ He’s the daddy.” I have five sisters and three brothers and recently became an auntie when my sister Bonnie had puppies.



I live in with my furless two legs and two other furry four legs Bobs and Flo. They’re cats and I love them very much but funnily enough I don’t like anyone else’s cats.


As I live at the seaside I can go to the beach everyday but I love going to Camber because I have so many doodle friends there and we run and roll and dig . My friend Harley showed me how to dig.  


Mummy and Daddy are retired so we’re together 24/7. I’m a therapy dog and mummy and I visit nursing homes ( though we’re not allowed at the moment because of a thing called a virus). When we’re there lots of people laugh and smile at me and give me lots of strokes and cuddles. I have to be very good when I stand or sit next to someone and can’t jump, give my paw or lick anyone, which is a real challenge. 


The other challenge is they often have biscuits called Custard Creams at my eye level on their coffee tables but mummy gives me my treats that the furless two legs don’t eat so that makes it ok.


As a puppy I never destroyed any of Mummy and Daddy’s things but stuffed or plastic toys with a squeak don’t stand a chance. My record is six minutes in the de-squeaking department.


Megan is the lady who grooms me. She’s nice enough but I’m not a fan of the full grooming lark but I can forgive her because on her website she describes me as “Her own little ray of sunshine.” and that’s good enough for me.

Lily 1-25.jpeg
Lily 2-27.jpeg


Hello, I’m BooBoo and I’m 7 years old. I live in London with my two furless two legs Mummy and Daddy. I’ve lived with them since I was a little puppy.


Some people say I look like Dante, but I think Dante looks like me, because I came first! 


I’m quite the European traveller, I’ve been to France and Spain in the car many times. I enjoy the long journey because I sit on Mummy’s lap in the front, so I can make sure Dad is driving properly. My Dad is from the Falkland Islands, but he says it’s too far to take me there. 


We have a holiday home by the seaside in Spain, which I love to visit. Why is the sea so much warmer in Spain than in Camber? 



Like my brother my favourite thing is my tennis ball, and I make sure there is always one close by. I like the yellow furry ones the best, I don’t need anything fancy. 


I love visiting Camber to see my little bro and Dede. We go dashing on the beach and then have a drink and a catch up in the pub before Daddy drives us back to London.


Once a week I love to go and visit my friends at doggie day care. It gives me time to keep up with the news and what the others are doing. 


In the evenings I enjoy cuddling on the sofa, before going off to bed to sleep with Mummy and Daddy. 

BooBoo 1.jpeg
BooBoo 2.jpeg


Hello I’m Wolfie and I know I’m a very handsome chap!


Like all my friends I love doodle dashing on the beach and splashing in the sea. I can normally run the fastest too, that’s because I have the longest legs.


I live with my Mummy and Daddy who I’ve trained very well. They know what I like and I make sure they give me the five star treatment. 


Although I am a big tall doodle, I am a little scared of little non-doodles. I don’t know what it is, but they always seem out of control to me, and this unnerves me, so I run away and hide. 


At home I love to cuddle up on the sofa and I’m always up for someone to give me a long gentle brush. Even better, if you have time to give me belly rubs or scratch behind my ears I will be your friend for ever!   


I love being outside in our garden and am not always keen to come in at bedtime, so I sometime go a little deaf when I’m called. In the end of course, I do what I’m told and sleep soundly till morning.  

Woolfie 1.jpeg
Woolfie 2.jpg


Hello my name is Truffles and I’m a Old English, Labra, Sproodle, Cocker Doodle Do! 


I’m nearly three years old and I love my life. I live with my human Mum and Dad and Bo Doodley. We have the bestest times together. I can’t believe how endlessly exciting life is, so I don’t have time or the wish to put my Kennel Club Gold obedience award into practice!  


My favourite times are spent on the beach with my doodle friends, and you can see from my photo I love water. If we don’t go to the beach I am happy splashing about in muddy puddles (the muddier the better) and doodle dashing with my sister Bo. 


When we are at home, my mind is never far from thinking about food or cuddles. Even though I have long legs I still think I’m a lap dog, so am always looking for a lap to rest my head on. 


Some would say I try to eat things I shouldn’t eat, but I couldn’t possibly comment on that! Both human and doodle food is there for me to enjoy. 

Truffles 1-23.jpg
Truffles 2-25.jpg


This is me in the photo, and my name is Bo Doodley. I’m a Bordoodle, my Mummy was a Border Collie and my Dad a Poodle. 


I’m two and half years old and live with my brother Truffles and my human Mum and Dad. 


Like all my friends I really love the beach, particularly when I am going the zoomies. I particularly enjoy exciting Truffles and getting him to follow me, because he can never keep up.  


There are always so many sniffs and smells to investigate on our walks and on the beach that I much prefer to be busy outdoors, like my Border Collie Mum. I have a one track mind when I sense there’s a fox about, so please don’t distract me when I’m stalking one. 


I make sure I always know where my Mum is, so if she needs me I can come quickly to help her. At the end of a busy and exciting day, nothing beats a cuddle with Mum on the sofa before bedtime. 

Bo Doodley 1.jpg
Bo Dooldey 2.jpg
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